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Barony of Roslin ?

    I came across this statement pg 20 of Pohl's "Prince Henry Sinclair":

August 25, 1330, the St. Clair brothers (William & John  at the Battle at
Teba, Spain--sons of Henry of Bannockburn fame) went too far.  Sir James
Douglas, for the moment in no personal danger, observed that the brothers
were "sorely beset," and dashed in to their rescue, but all three were
slain.  Thus Prince Henry's grandfather perished too soon to inherit the
Barony of Rossly, but he left "an infant son"--William, our hero's
father--heir to the barony."

On the chart sent to me by Niven it verifies that the William of Teba died
before his father, Henry, and thus the Baronony went to the grandson of
Henry.  Pete Cumming's History of PHS Vol. 1 also says the son died first
but Pete still names William of Teba as Baron.   Is it possible that Henry
was incapacitated and had signed over the barony to William before he left
for his journey.  Otherwise it seems to throw off all the numbering of
Barons from then on.


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