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Re: more on mottos

Hi all,

Plumpett@aol.com wrote:
> I remember from my study of German many years ago that "" V "" is pronounced
> as a "" W "" and "" W "" as a "" V "" !!!

Well, I believe you remember wrong as "V" in German is pronounced as
"Ph" or "F".

> I presume that the same may be said for the Scandinavian languages ??

Nope that close to the German we are not.

> Also , the "" E "' in "" werk "" also follows the Germanic usage closely !

I don't quite understand your point. But you are right in the sence that
the word "verk" also excists in German, but then spelled "werk".
> The craftsmen of the Middle Ages could not read in most cases and in any
> event from what I have seen in my other research , the spelling of words was
> not as fixed in form as we follow today

Don't forget that swedes during that time where travelling merchants and
did of course bring words home but also "exported" words to other parts
of the world. Look at all terminology of sea, words like knot, board,
stear, boat and so forth, all with nordic origin.

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