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RI national Genealogical Convention 2000

Dear Cousins,
    Is there not one or more people living close to RI who would be a
speaker at the National Genealogical Society Conference   May 31-June 3 in
Providence, RI????

    I have participated for a couple of years here in Portland for our
little local yearly open house and have found that people have been very
interested.   Practically as I am writing this, Niven is there asking for
permission to place the plaque containing the 20  (is that the right
number?) of proofs connecting the Newport tower to Prince Henry Sinclair
researched by James Whittall.   Then we have Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn
Hopkins researching in the area.

    It just seems like such an opportunity.  I would be willing to work with
someone on this--from a distance, I'm afraid--but let's go for it.  You need
immediate contact with the group there.
    Here is also an E-mail address:  conference@ngsgenealogy.org

    I am holding up my end.  I have just contacted our local chapter to put
in a request to be on the venue for the 2001 Conference here in Portland.
So let's see a "show of hands"

Historian, Clan Sinclair USA

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