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Re: Our Clans Duty

>sometimes I tend to over simplify but:
>	Create a website that e-commerces all of the books and videos and tours
>and accomodations...include 3d flythrough's of Noss Head and Gringoe and
>especially Rosslyn and you will generate your $12 million for the Clan
>in three years...up front investment: $1 million...
>	Then learn how to market your Clan...
>	am I nuts, JSQ?

Well, I agree that that's over simplified. :-)
There are questions about what you want to say about each of those places.
But the general idea is sound.

>	The Sinclair Clan should also learn how to exploit TV rights
>properly...instead of going begging...

Sinclairs have a thousand years of interesting history, with still-standing
artifacts, some of them (Rosslyn Chapel, Girnigoe Castle) unique in all the
world, and which they already know and can communicate much better than most
families.  With a little marketing, much more could be done.

>	There are lots of other ways, and they are not necessarily
>exclusive...but this is the quickest, surest base you can build...

So you're saying:
 Use the net, Luke!

It's not the only route, but it is a good one, and I think we have
already demonstrated it permits us to use a worldwide base of people.

>			rob

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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