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Re: Nova Scotia -- Song for the Mira

You wrote --

"" well...I still have not found any Sinclair musicans from the east coast
of Canada (which is not to say that there are or weren't any)...and I
haven't  dug out the lyrics for Song for the Mira yet... ""

I am just catching up on the last month's E-Mail and noticed you mentioned 
 "Song for the Mira" !!

There is a beautiful rendition of the song by Bobby Murray in his album " 
Sing Along With Bobby " .

This album and his others can be obtained from DARACH RECORDINGS , 15623 
KutztownRoad , Kutztown , Pa. 19530 U.S.A.

His other albums have the finest collection of Scottish Songs that I have 
found anywhere !

I believe that he may be a native Nova Scotian ???

Regards , Joe Greigg

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