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Re: Sinclair Genealogy Digest Number 11

Dear Jean,

Jean Grigsby wrote:
> I will not dignify the statement regarding $$$ with a response.  It is an
> insult to every hard-working genealogist in the United States. 

I think we might have a slight problem with definition here. To me a
professional genealogist is a person who, as a profession, do research
for other people who wants their family tree "ready-made". Something
like a "gumshoe" that digs in to peoples history and roots and then
makes up a fancy family tree for someone's 90th birthday. I do not mean
historians, researchers or authors like yourself so please I meant no

Best regards 

PS: a "normal" fee for a three generations tree will be abt 800 $ in
Sweden. If that isn't profit I don't know what is... DS.
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