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Re: Clobal base

Hi Chris,

CMelahn@aol.com wrote:
> Thinking of the entries in the global data base, I was wondering about the
> extent to which census index lists have been included.

Well, the AMBITION is to include all sources possible but I just got one
pair of hands.

> perhaps a group of volunteers could key in the data
> into the electronic medium.

That's what I'm hoping for. For the time being Margaret in Australia is
the second pair of hands on the database. It's up to each and everyone
of you really to decide what amount of spare time (as if there where
such a thing as spare time..... :-) you want to dedicate to the project.
We are more than willing to accept any contribution as long as it's
provided in a GEDCOM-format.

> Eventually, would it not be possible to create an online site where a new
> researcher could search through the collection of SINCLAIR and ST. CLAIR
> references in various census years and states?  Based on the index
> information they could then take steps to track down and view/copy the
> microfilm census records themselves.

That's the general idea. But for now you have to settle for the surname
register at http://www.algonet.se/~lal/lenas.htm where you at least may
check out if the surname/s you are researching is to be find within the
base. If you find something interesting you may mail me questions and as
long as there are not thousands of questions I will try to respond to
you soon.

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