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Re: Sinclair Genealogy Digest Number 11

Thinking of the entries in the global data base, I was wondering about the 
extent to which census index lists have been included.

I was in the Hawaii State Library yesterday and was surprised to find a 
collection of many U.S. Census indices for many states and many years during 
the 1800s.  Others may live close to large libraries or resource centers 
(e.g., large Family History Centers such as that in Los Angeles; various 
National Archive sites, etc) where they could make copies of the pages from 
these indices for names SINCLAIR and ST. CLAIR.  If these could be collected 
up at one or more sites, perhaps a group of volunteers could key in the data 
into the electronic medium. 

Eventually, would it not be possible to create an online site where a new 
researcher could search through the collection of SINCLAIR and ST. CLAIR 
references in various census years and states?  Based on the index 
information they could then take steps to track down and view/copy the 
microfilm census records themselves.

I suppose this present idea gets back to the thread from Spring of this year 
concerning state-by-state [and also country-by-country/ region-by-region] 
summaries, links and research information regarding SINCLAIR/ST. CLAIR.

Best to all.
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