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Re: South Africa : Sinclair

Dear Bill,

	:) - a symbol I never learned to use...from reading your note I feel
that you indeed took my comments to Laurel in the spirit intended...My
Father was a lifelong curler and I know a couple of Canadian
Champions...I just don't find it near as exciting as lawn bowling...I'm
more of a basketball player because it is at least as pointless but
presents much more opportunity for serious injury...

	BTW - some of the Sinclair theories explore the origins of certain
symbols...does anyone know the origin of this one :)

	The happy face has been around for a long time and has many uses but I
have yet to discover the origin...Some have suggested that the people's
car (Volkswagon) designed the face of their Beetle in the happy face

	Who are the "Aye Patrol"?

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