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Re: St. Clair in IOWA--1900 Census, Franklin County, Reeve

Dear Friends,

Following recent postings on this list regarding the Shroud of Turin, I have
been challenged by Bob Lomas and Chris Knight to a public debate on the
issue. For your information, I have responded as follows.

Dear Friends,

I woud be only too delighted to debate the present state of knowledge and
theories concerning the Shoud of Turin with Bob, Chris, Lyn Picknet, Clive
Prince and other interested parties in London, if a suitable venues can be
arranged. The idea that RILKO might host such a meeting is appealing.

We would be available,given sufficient notice, in March or April of next
year at the earliest, but due to work comitments, our preferred dates would
be in the Autumn of 2000.

As to my memory of Bob's comments in our phone conversation, i.e. what I
thought of the book and his response, it is accurate and I stand by it. I
think Bob's memory is a little hazy on that issue.

Debate is healthy, and in the field we all work in, it is appropriate to
remember that while facts are verifiable, a writers opinions are just that,
they are there to be questioned, analysed and judged on merit. None of us
are writing on tablets of stone and our views are simply the best estimation
we can come up with pending the discovery of further evidence.

Let the debate continue. It should provide a memorable and interesting

Best wishes


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