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St. Clair in IOWA--1900 Census, Franklin County, Reeve

Perhaps this can be a little test case of the resources we bring to bear on 
an inquiry.

I checked our list archives for "Iowa" and came up with 30 hits.  Most seemed 
to pertain to a John Sinclair, which the group traced quite effectively.

This inquiry is for a St. Clair family that was in Reeve Township, Franklin 
County, Iowa in 1900.  [BTW, [?--] indicates the microfilm record was 

There were three members of an 1829-1835 series of births in New York.
Siblings were:  [A----] St. Clair, b. 7-1829;[L--female--] (St. Clair) 
Bennett, and Laura E. St. Clair, b. 5-1825. These siblings were in two 
adjacent households  [pg 17A, family #197].  The parents of these three were 
born Vermont (father, St. Clair) and Massachusetts (mother).

[A---] St. Clair's family:
    Florina [?], wife, b. Michigan, 4-1851 and children, all born in Iowa:
        Frank St. Clair, 11-1876
        Rilla F. St. Clair, 12-1883
        Howard A. St. Clair, 5-1888
        Agnes St.  Clair, 12-1890

Anyone on the list know descendants?  Anyone have a link to further 
Is there a place where an index to the 1880 Iowa Census could be checked?

Best to all,
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