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Gunns and Treadeau--Tea with Queen Mary, of Scots.

I wonder whether the Gunn Clan would be interested in that trivia?
Here is some more:
There were over 700 people in the piper bands assembled at the Pleasanton,
CA  Highland Games over Labor Day.  What a glorious sound!  Lord Malcolm
said he had not seen that many before.
This was the 134 year for these games, even the San Francisco Earthquake
failed to stop them!
Lord Malcolm was invited to have tea with "Mary, Queen of Scots".  The hoity
toity Queen, true to a real queen's temperment, would not change her
schedule to accomodate an Earl.  So the real Lord Malcolm had to rush from
the viewing stands, meeting the hurrying Mary Selver on the way.  A helper
had handed off a basket containing flowers and a gift for the Queen to Mary
Selvefr for Malcolm to present to the Queen.  I think they made their
appointment in a timely, if not harried manner.

    Later the Queen, a beautiful young lady and court, strolled by in their
rich court attire and lingered at the Sinclair tents.  The Queen engaged
Lord Malcolm in conversation.  He told her of the Sinclair castles in
Caithness and invited the Queen to visit.  She said that she planned such a
visit to Scotland next year (for real) and should be delighted to visit the
castle of her "most favored Earl, Sinclair".
    Now historically this is a true statement and she knew it and you should
know it.
On page 11 and 12 of Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser we learn this
information about the Sinclairs:
Following a description of the devastation resulting from the defeat of
Scotland by Henry VIII at the battle of Solway Moss 1541, 1,200  Scots were
captured along with many of the leading nobles.  They were taken to London.
The forces were lead by Oliver Sinclair, the king's favorite

    King James was stricken with anguish over the fate of Oliver Sinclair.
No one could cheer him and he predicted his imminent death.  His last
melancholy words were for Oliver.  6 days before he died, his daughter, Mary
(the future Mary, Queen of Scotts) Stuart was born.

Pg 29:  Mary who had been recognized by the Scots as their future Queen, now
saw her sent to France to be the wife of the dauphine of France. She was 4
1/2 years old and was accompanied by several attendants.  The French were
determined to do away with all Scottish influences which they felt would be
detrimental to her as Queen of France.  Her mother had sent order that Lady
Fleming should not be dismissed.  Also retained by Mary Stuart was Jehane
St. Clare (or Jean Sinclair) as her nurse.  Jean was accused of being
difficult to please which they blamed on her Scots blood.

Page 138.  Now Mary Stuart's French husband has died and as stated in the
treaty between Scotland and France, she was returned to Scotland.  Even
though she had spoken almost always in French through the years, she was
still able, due to the private conversations with Jean Sinclair, etc., to
keep her Scots language alive.

Page 147  We learn that Patrick Hepburn, the fair earl of  Bothwell married
Agnes Sinclair.  This is the same Bothwell that Queen Mary of Scots married
......and in fact the dashing Bothwell was there at Pleasanton walking with
his friends ahead of the Queen.  Forsooth, as the Queen did speak to our
Earl of Caithness, that same Bothwell strolled over and engaged me in
conversation....oh my!  He was dashing.  (actually this guy in real life is
married to this Queen)
    As the group moved on, one of the Queen's Ladies approached and gave me
and those nearby, a little ribbon trinket, a gift from the Queen.
    Among the attendants of the Queen's was our own fair Alice Miller.  She
was bedecked with many ribbon favors but most noticable was the shell and
pearl pin given to her by her absent sea-faring husband as a token of his
love.  Alice keeps it close to remember those tender moments with him.  Lady
Alice's job is to refresh the company from the pitcher of water that she
carries.  Each courtier has a pewter goblet hanging from his outfit from
which to quench his thirst.  She was a most popular Lady on this hot day.

    Now, it seems to me there are more references to the Sinclairs in this
book but they are not listed in the index.  Some day I'll have to read it
again568 pages.

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