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Re: Orkney

You are a very wise person.
Ken W Sinclair
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Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 4:22 AM
Subject: Orkney


It’s very interesting to see Niven’s view as opposed to my view on the "Earldom of Orkney". Many historical facts are not in fact "facts". So little documentation exists but peoples are formed not by race or language but by common political military or emotional experience. The collective experience of a clan or indeed of a nation can only exist by the passing from generation to generation of that experience. A clan without history is a contradiction in terms. Many of our experiences involve the creation of a myth. A myth doesn’t mean the invention of a fairy tale. It is an acceptance of the belief of our common past. Whether we are related by blood or not is immaterial. The facts or myths of our ancestors, be they real or assumed ancestors are only a guide to our hopes and aspirations as a family.

"May we all as brothers be"