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Re: George IV or VI?

Something finally occured to me.  Niven has been referring to George IV,
Earl of Caithness, not George, fourth Earl of Caithness.

That is, George, Earl of Caithness, and the fourth named George.
By that interpretation, George IV could have been the sixth Sinclair
Earl of Caithness.  This is analogous to how James VI was the sixth
King of Scots named James, not simply the sixth King of Scots.

Is that the solution to this conundrum?

>The wealth of knowledge on this discussion list never ceases to amaze me. As 
>long as I'm at it, can anyone suggest an informative site on Rosslyn chapel 
>and Rosslyn castle? I've already been to a few, but they were worded in such 
>a way that it was difficult to determine what was where and who was buried 

The Rosslyn Chapel Trust server is the best one I know.
Look in http://www.mids.org/sinclair/ under Places, then
under Rosslyn Chapel, and you will find a link to it.

I'll be happy to add other Rosslyn links.

> It is my understanding that Rosslyn castle has its own chapel 
>(referred to as the Old Chapel). Where is Rosslyn chapel located in respect 
>to the castle?

The chapel is on a hill, and the castle is below it on a promontory
that sticks out into a loop of the river.

> Also, I visited the Sinclair site with the pictures of the 
>castle and chapel. Can anyone tell me what those lovely flowers are that 
>cling to the rocky face and those white ones on the forest floor? My husband 
>says they are primrose and I think they are bell flowers.

I'd like to know the answer to that one, too.


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