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Re: George IV or VI?

Okay, I reread Niven's response to the earldom and noted he referred to 
George V of Keiss as the 45th Earl of Caithness. Then I realized I had 
referred to George IV as the 6th Earl of Caithness. Oops. Would George IV  
have been the 44th Earl of Caithness then?

Also, Niven wrote:
"Glenorchy eventually invaded Caithness. The Battle of Altimarlach ensued 
about which I have already written but, although Sinclairs were defeated, 
Keiss continued by firearms and artillery to the ruin which we see today.

"For this act he was declared a rebel by the government along with Sinclair 
of Broynach, Sinclair of Thura and Mackay of Strathnaver who had assisted him 
in his battle agains the Campbells."

In referrence to the above underlined words: Does "he" refer to Campbell; Who 
is "him"; and Should "Campbells" be Sinclairs? I'm confused.

AND, is Rosslyn chapel north or south, or east or west, of Rosslyn castle? 
It's difficult to tell on the atlas that I have.
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