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The Eclipse

Laurel asked about the eclipse. I was in London, slightly cloudy, but saw
the partial eclipse clearly enough. It suddenly started to get dark and the
temperature dropped noticeably. I needed the lights on in the house for a
period. I then watched it on the Television news and it was quite
extraordinary where they saw the total eclipse. How awesome nature can be
and it made me feel small and insignificant. In Cornwall where it went dark
the automatic street lights came on and the birds set about roosting for the
night. They were thoroughly confused! Then the light came back and life
returned to 'normal' with man soon thinking and behaving as though he had
created everything. The was the biggest surge ever in this country on the
National Grid (electricity) afterwards as people returned to their desks.

As Laurel says this must have been an even more amazing event in the past
and it is no suprise that people thought the end had come or that it was
some ill omen.

Malcolm Caithness
Clan Chief

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