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Re: Sinclairs on Both sides of the family??!!

Dear cousins,
      In digging in a another genealogical closet, it appears I found another 
link to the Sinclair family.  Is anyone familar with a branch that may 
connect to the following line:   (as spelled in LDS files)
       Sir Phillip Seyntclare born about 1362 Oxfordshire married to Margaret 
          son Thomas Saint Clair Shirbord, Oxfordshire, Eng born bef 1399 
             granddaughter Eleanor Saint Clare of Heighton, St. Clare Firle 
Sussex, Eng
                                    born abt 1425
       Is there any direct connection known between the Medieval Clare family 
and the Sinclairs known?  (eg Gilbert the Red, Richard "Strongbow" De Clare, 
Balwin FitzGilbert De Clare, Richard DeClare)   Thanks in advance for any 
New York State
& Sussex/Oxfordshire
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