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Confusion regarding Colored Carvings

There seems to be some confusion about the  photograph of the bleeding angel
versus other angels that are not painted.

The photograph of the "bleeding" angel was taken in late February of this
year in the crypt of Rosslyn Chapel, not in the chapel proper where there
are no painted carvings.  My recollection is that there are only two painted
carvings and both are in the crypt.  One is of St Peter holding a key and
the other is the angel that is the subject of our current discussion.  I
will stand correction, but I believe that there are at least two angels
holding the Sinclair shield in the chapel proper, one is above the west
entrance of the baptistery and the other is to the left of a window on the
north side of the chapel east of the entrance door.

Ward L. Ginn, Jr.

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