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Re: Angel at Rosslyn

At 12:28 04/08/99 -0400, you wrote:
In a message dated 8/3/1999 12:34:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
niven@niven.co.uk writes:

<< Yes, I did check out the angel holding the engrailed cross of the Sinclairs
 > when I was at Rosslyn last week and, >>

Can you put out any more information on this? The note on the sinclair net
has everyone caught by surprise. When did this start? Who first noted?
Information please.
Gary D. Sinclair

 Dear Gary,

I'm sure Ward Ginn will be good enough to put his photograph of the Sinclair
angel on the Sinclair discussion list so that all Sinclairs and paragenetic
Sinclairs can share his astonishing 'discovery'.  Judy Fisken, who was Curator
of the Chapel for 15 years, tells me that the 'blood' is fresh because she had
never noticed it during her long years at the Chapel when she showed numerous
people around the Chapel.

This may be (as I postulated in an earlier e-mail) a case of us not noticing
the hole in the carpet because of our familiarity with the Chapel or it may be
that it is just stone staining but, if so, why the right forehead which, of course,
has Masonic significance?

Again St Peter (with his piercing eyes) is looking directly at the angel from
his site on the opposite wall of the crypt.  Perhaps, Ward would also produce
the photograph of St Peter with his single key (rather than the more usual
bunch) and with his penetrating stare which , as I have said, is directed straight
at the angel with the Sinclair engrailed cross on a shield in her hands.

Why have we not noticed this before?  The 'blood', the direction of the stare,
the juxtaposition of the two statues?

Does this also point to the relevance of the engrailed cross in the Sinclair
armoury; the importance of Rosslyn as a sacred centre; and the urgent
need for Man to take a look at the direction in which he is heading?

Is the time ripe for an important revelation at this critical time in the history
of the World when we are experiencing momentous shifts in global energy
patterns and in Man's growing understanding of his spiritual dimension?

If this is too far out for most people,  might I suggest a quiet moment of
reflection and it will become clear.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual
 beings having a human experience"   This is a far cry from any religious
 dogma which, in the main, has stultified human growth for centuries.  Earl
William Sinclair knew this so, at a time when books were being banned or
burned, he left his message chiselled out in stone in a Chapel which stands
on a sacred site.

Niven Sinclair