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Re: America's Stonehenge 2

Rory Sinclair wrote:
> Bravo Darwin!      my sentiments exactly!..................Rory
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> Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 9:25 AM
> Subject: Re: America's Stonehenge 2
> >Baal- a false god (Webster's, 2nd definition)  I still don't believe
> they're
> >anything but native to this country and constructed by the Indians.  The
> web
> >site says many of the artifacts were removed.  I'll bet money those were
> >Indian-made.
> >
> >If European primitive people could make Stonehenge then North American
> >primitive people could make a similar thing here.  It's like the spear and
> >the bow and arrow.  They were made in several places not invented in one
> >place and then the technology migrated outward.  Multiple inventions and
> >constructions happen all the time in the archaeological record.  Pyramids
> in
> >Egypt and in Central America.  Spear points in Europe and spear points in
> >North, Central, and South America, in Asia, etc.  The list is endless.
> >
> >White Europeans don't have a market on technology.  That's all I'm saying.
> >The Indians were given a bad rap so the Europeans could have a clear
> >conscience exterminating them.  We still carry a great deal of that
> attitude
> >even though we don't mean to.  We can't help it; our culture is designed
> >that way.  I'm just skeptical and would need a lot more to convince me that
> >the natives didn't built this structure.  :)  Darwin
> >
> >
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> >>Darwin,
> >>     In a display case in the information center, there are some stones
> >>with
> >>scratchings on them.  They are said to be references to baal.
> >>Laurel
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Knight and Lomas The Hiram Key P 346 cites Baal as "the great Canaanite
god whose name does indeed mean 'Lord on high'" and makes several
references to Baal as a god displaced by the Christian god...which I
suppose fits Mr. Websters opinion...

	please, please, please - without going too deep into a religious
discussion... let's say that Webster's is not generally everyone's bible
- so to speak...what would this site mean if the reference to Baal might
be accepted as potentially valid...

	also - although the pyramids appeared in several places - it is also
possible that modern research has not discovered exactly what was going
on 10- 25,000 years ago...not conclusively at least...

	60 miles from where I am sitting there is an archeological dig taking
place at a 10,400-year old aboriginal site at which 10,400-year old
Latin American artifacts have been found...

	If people were smart enough to build pyramids they might have known how
to get around in boats...even across oceans...

	I have absolutely no firm views to expound - but I once had a Cape
Breton wise man in Sydney tell me: "keep an open mind, my friend - keep
and open mind"...and so I do...

	And so tomorrow I'm going looking for a 600-year old, 30-foot-long
stone building that held 20 men comfortably (once you've been on a ship
- anything is comfortable)- 5 kilometers from the centre of downtown
Halifax...a friend showed me a few pages about it in a book "Tracking
Treasure" by William S Crooker (1998) (Nimbus Publishing 902.455.4286) 

	I doubt there's more than a couple of hundred people in Nova Scotia who
wouldn't laugh in my face if I told them so...hopefully that number will

	Archeology is an understudied field in North America and there are
complicating factors...in building a new world the founders, or at least
the builders, cared not about the old...and so, much has been destroyed
- the only artifacts you could find in Manhattan come from Egypt and you
see them in museums - not in the ground...

	The Annual archeology budget for the Province of Nova Scotia is
$3000...their opinion is that they have done all of the archeology that
they need to do (except aboriginal)and they hate it when someone
suggests that maybe deMonts and Champlain were not the first here...Pohl
points out that even Champlain writes that he was greated by French
fishing boasts when they arrived - including one captain who had made
the trip every year for forty years...

	As everyone from Pohl to Finnan points out - there is a 13th Century
Venetian cannon sitting locked away in Louisbourg, Cape Breton that was
dredged from the harbour...maybe the Italian government could ask some

	I picked up a book the other week about stone circles in the Atlantic
rim from Spain throught the UK to Scandanavia and all the way around to
Massachusetts...I'm sorry - I losned it to a friend...I will see what it
has to say...but somehow I doubt that they all simultaneously developed
the concept and executed it...

		but i will keep an open mind...

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