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Knights Templar in North America (fwd)

I beg your pardon.  Now, the attachment is in place.
*** Forwarded message, originally written by Gerald Gibbons on 02-Aug-99 ***
Greetings to all!
Thought I'd pass this on for the benefit of those so inclined.
Gerald Gibbons
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Does anyone know if the Art Bell Radio Talk show is carried in the N.VA


Michael J. Kastle
Concord #307, Vienna, VA
and others
On Friday night, Aug. 6, 99, the ArtBell Radio Talk Show will feature a
guest whose  expertise is "Legends of the Knights Templar".   Some of these
legends suggest that the Knights Templars amassed great amounts of wealth
and treasures during their reign of power.  The guest of this show thinks he
may have discovered where some of those treasures have been hidden away.  It
should be an interesting show,  especially for Freemasons.   TheArt Bell
Show airs live, nightly on many radio stations nationwide.
In Anchorage, it starts at 9:00 pm on "KENI" 650 AM.   Outside of Anchorage,
Check your local Stations for Air Time.

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