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Lord Harris` mother was a Sinclair

Hi Folks.....I am new at this,but really anxious for information....my 
grandmother was Adele Harris married to George Gonsalves..her sister,Louise,I 
believe,was married to her brother in law,Arthur..they supposedly lived in 
Jamaica first, then Antigua..Adele had five children..Louise,George 
Vincent,Stanley,Herbert,my father,and Patrick..my grandfather died when my 
dad was approx. 7 ...the family went to live in Trinidad..my grandmother died 
approx. 7 years later..I will try my best to verify all dates,but at present 
I am in Miami,not Trinidad..all the above have passed on,but I was told that 
we were related to Lord Harris..I have since found out that the son of the 
Governor General of the West Indies Lord George Robert Canning Harris was 
born in St. Ann`s, Trinidad,on 3 Feb. 1851  d. 24 Mar 1932...some things do 
not quite mesh and I am beginning to wonder if there is not an outside child 
connection here....since we cannot change history I am quite ok with 
this..please do not let it be a deterrent...looking forward to an early 
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