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My grandson is not available to put this on my website so I hope I can be forgiven for doing it here.
The following books are in the computer and only need proofreading.  If there are descendants on this site who need to update or send in their material, do so now or it will be too late.
Robert, Jr. and Lucy (Patterson) St. Clair
Alexander & Rebecca (Gilpin) Sinclair/St. Clair
John & Catherine (Wright) St. Clair
Wayman & Elizabeth (Douglas) Sinclair
Isaac & Frances (Carter) St. Clair
Thomas Crawford & Sarah (Grimsley) & Nancy (Woods) St. Clair
Nathan & Rachel (               ) Sinclair/St. Clair
Isaac & Anna (Patterson) Sinclair (am on the last chapter now)
To those who have not heard from me, you now know why I have been out of touch.