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Re: America's Stonehenge 2

Baal- a false god (Webster's, 2nd definition)  I still don't believe they're 
anything but native to this country and constructed by the Indians.  The web 
site says many of the artifacts were removed.  I'll bet money those were 

If European primitive people could make Stonehenge then North American 
primitive people could make a similar thing here.  It's like the spear and 
the bow and arrow.  They were made in several places not invented in one 
place and then the technology migrated outward.  Multiple inventions and 
constructions happen all the time in the archaeological record.  Pyramids in 
Egypt and in Central America.  Spear points in Europe and spear points in 
North, Central, and South America, in Asia, etc.  The list is endless.

White Europeans don't have a market on technology.  That's all I'm saying.  
The Indians were given a bad rap so the Europeans could have a clear 
conscience exterminating them.  We still carry a great deal of that attitude 
even though we don't mean to.  We can't help it; our culture is designed 
that way.  I'm just skeptical and would need a lot more to convince me that 
the natives didn't built this structure.  :)  Darwin

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>     In a display case in the information center, there are some stones 
>scratchings on them.  They are said to be references to baal.
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