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Sinclair 2000

Dear all

Many thanks for the questions you have asked about next years Gathering and
I am excited by the interest it has created. Here are some answers.

Sadly access is not good to some of the sites. In particular Girnigoe and
Sinclair Castles are inaccessible but I hope that will change if my plans
come to fruition. Others vary in their wheelchair friendliness.

Who can come.
We welcome all from every country (there is interest from USA, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, South Africa and UK). It is
important to register your interest with Mary Selver who can be contacted on
Selvermj@aol.com who is co-ordinating
that side for us. If you are in Canada you should also contact
rory.sinclair@accglobal.net.. Please do so soon due to numbers.

There is a lot of interest and due to lack of space at some locations we
might have to limit numbers who can come. The maximum for the trip will be
200 so book early.

Future Gatherings
Yes - we will be holding more in the future.

When you have registered your interest we will be in touch with you about
banking. You can either send your deposit to Mary or Rory or it can be done
electronically to our bank direct - details on request. As you know a
deposit is needed by mid September to reserve the hotel rooms in London and
Edinburgh. We are not yet large enough to warrant having a credit card
system but we will get there.

Looking forward to you all coming and meanwhile have a good summer or

Malcolm Caithness
Clan Chief

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