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Re: America's Stonehenge 2


Here is a blurb from a New Hampshire Newspaper, The Telegraph

June 26, 1998

America’s Stonehenge

One of the great mysteries in the region is the construction of Salem’s
America’s Stonehenge.

One of the oldest and largest megalithic sites in North America, the complex
contains a series of stone walls covering more than 30 acres.

Among the walls is an accurate astronomical calendar that can still be used
to determine specific solar and lunar events of the year.

Archaeological excavation at the site has uncovered numerous historic and
pre-historic artifacts, stone tools, pottery and samples suitable for
radiocarbon dating. Charcoal from two of these excavations in 1969 and 1971
proved to be 3,000 and 4,000 years old, respectively.

Gary M

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