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Islay and Inveraray

Hey Toni-

Will get back on all the info regarding Dugald Sinclair.  Hectic day around
here - one of those when it feels like I have 10 children not just 4!
Wanted to let you know that I do believe there is a strong connection
between Islay and Mid-Argyll.  Remember the info regarding the drover roads
that I sent you.  I also remember discussing with someone (Think it was you
Neil!) the fact that Islay received her post from Inveraray.

I have in front of me a wee brochure called Na Freumhan Gaidhlig aig Meadhan
Earra-Ghaidheal or Mid Argyll The Gaelic Connection  it has a section called
"That Much Frequented Path" and states...

"Cattle formed the economic base of the west coast and islands, recorded
trade existing with the Lowlands of Scotland since the sixteenth century.

The Muir of Leckan between Loch Awe and Loch Fyne formed an important link
in the droving of cattle from the west to the lowland markets.  Two main
routes existed.  The path from Durran was used by droves coming from Mull
and north Argyll, while the path from Kilneuair accommodated droves from
Islay/Jura and south Argyll.  Both walks converged at Auchindrain."

It goes on describe how the port of Keils in Knapdale was developed to
improve the link with Islay and Jura.  The drovers would then go from Keills
past Tayvallich to Kilmichael Glassary avoiding the moss at Crinan.  They,
the drovers headed over the Leckan Muir from Kilneuair to Loch Fyne.  By
1806 this track was referred to "That much frequented path".  The same route
was also used by pack-horses moving charcoal from Loch Awe to Furnace (a few
miles down Loch Fyne from Auchindrain.)  It says - "At this period some 4500
beasts passed over the muir each year".

More later -


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