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RE: Dugald Sinclair, and more

Hi Juli

I'm still playing catch-up.  I think that Flora MCCowan is the daughter-in-law of Dugald the Elder, wife of Dugald Jr.  (According to D. Whyte)

While I was in Ohio, I marked every Campbell from Argyll to Ontario in both Whyte's volumes.  I'll list them for you, if you think it will help.  I didn't find Flora (wife of Rev. Colin Sinclair).  He is listed as one of the children
under Dugald.

Another book I reread this weekend is "Islay, Biography of an Island" by 
Margaret Storrie.  I'll quote:

"The first Daniel Campbell of Shawfield and Islay was born about 1670, the 2nd son of Walter Campbell, Captain of Skipness in Argyll; his mother had Islay connections.  In 1692, in his early twenties, he went to New England and became a shipowner and merchant, defying the English ban on Scottish transatlantic trade.  On his return to Scotland, he built up an exporting business with Sweden, exchanging American tobacco for iron ore.  He also became
involved in the slave trade, with the ill-fated adventure to establish a Scottish colony at DARIEN, on the isthmus of Panama,...(!!!)  In 1702, when just over thirty, he was elected to the Scottish Parliament as the Member for INVERARY Burgh in Argyll.....At the time he acquired Islay, Daniel Campbell was already 55 years of age.  He remained a Member of Parliament for almost another decade..."

I wonder if he is significant in our quest to connect Islay Sinclairs with those
located in the Glen Shira/Inverary area.  Since he was in the shipping/transport
business, relocating employees would have been an easy task for him.  He was very energetic in improving farming and other industry on the island.  He did
make a few of the old tacksmen angry though:

"The 1730s saw the start of an emigration of some of the disaffect tacksmen from Islay.  The colony of New York had advertised for Protestant settlers from Europe, with the promise of improved land for each family.  Captain Lauchlin Campbell of Islay visited the colony in 1737 and returned there the following year with his own and thirty other families.  A further 40 families emigrated in 1739 and still more in 1740.  In all, he encouraged 423 people to move there from Islay, .....While some eventually settled in Washington County, others went their own ways, some joining NORTH CAROLINA pioneers...."   !!!

I don't know why this information didn't sink in the first time I read it.  I
probably skimmed over it in an effort to find juicier bits mentioning Sinclair or McNokaird.

Just thought I'd add this to your evening's read, since I just received the
photocopy of the Kist article.  Thank you so much.  I'm going to bed soon and
read it again, with my Scottish road atlas, to try and pin-point some of the
locations mentioned.

Thanks for all the research that you are doing.  I feel certain that we are
getting so close to connecting the Argyll branch of the family to one another!
It's so exciting.  

Keep in touch.


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