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Solway Moss 1542


James V defeated the English at Haddon Rig in the August 1542

Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairns was placed at the head of an army of ten thousand. Sinclair was told to invade England

The invasion was met at Solway Moss by Sir Thomas Wharton and his army of three thousand. Battle joined.

James V thought highly of Sinclair, he was the kings favourite. The nobles Sinclair commanded had no respect for him. Inward politics pirouetted to in-fighting Many nobles left the field before the battle rather than follow Sinclair.

The Borderers, foot soldiers wavered in their loyalty to King James. He had persecuted them during his reign.

Many regarded capture by the English favourable to death for a tyrant King and his favourite.

On 24 November, 1542 the uncoordinated mislead battle resulted in minimal casualties. Large numbers of Scots, twelve hundred in fact, were taken prisoners, including Sinclair.

The King, after waiting for the outcome watched his Army three times the size of Henry VIII go down in defeat , James V fled to Edinburgh.

James died a fortnight after the battle at Linlithgow.