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"The Sinclairs of Gohen" and then... Yakima, Washington


I was reviewing some information on some particular followers of Dugald
Sinclair, the Baptist minister of Lochgilphead, Argyll, that brought 1/2 of
his flock to Canada.  The particular family I was looking at settled in
Quebec before moving on via the US to Manitoba.  Then three brother
continued on and settled in Yakima, Washington sometime around 1885.  Yakima
rang a bell with me but I really have no idea where it is....

SO, checked a bit of my research and sure enough - The Rev. A. Maclean
Sinclair mentions Yakima in his "The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness and
Goshen."  It appears that some of the Sinclairs from Cape Breton eventually
ended up in Yakima around the same time. (pages 25-27) Why?  What was in
Yakima at the time?

Also, it seems the Rev. has Sinclair's in his booklet that also originally
came to Nova Scotia from Argyll and not just Caithness.

Can any Sinclair's with roots in Yakima, Washington enlighten me a bit as to
why their family went there and from where?


Juli Anderson

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