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Sinclair softness

We, Sinclairs, are a soft lot and that is why, when I received this poem 
from Judy Fisken (who many
of you know from your visit to Rosslyn Chapel),  I immediately thought of 
the Sinclair subscription list
as an ideal forum for the poem.

It was written by Leo Marks, the SOE codebreaker during World War II, and 
the poem itself was actually
used as a code by Vilette Szabo in 1943.

You will need no code to understand its simple beauty but you may need a 

					The life that I have
					Is all that I have
					And the life that I have is yours.

					The love that I have
					Of the life that I have
					Is yours and yours and yours.

					A sleep I shall have
					A rest I shall have
					Yet death will be but a pause.

					For the peace of my years
					In the long green grass
					Will be yours and yours and yours.

Niven Sinclair		

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