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Re: Feast day of St. Clair


>They must have coined the phrase "Johnny on the Spot" after you.  Thanks
>for adding the time zones and really personalizing today's event. People,
>we are certainly blessed with every conceivable piece of information on our
>ancestry on our Sinclair websites!!  Thanks John!!!

Your message happened to reach me just as I was catching up on mail,
so I took the opportunity to incorporate it.

I've expanded the general idea to always have current Sinclair date listed
at the top of the web pages.  Currently the one showing is the death of
one of my great-great-uncles in India.

We just missed a good one: 13 July 1680, the Battle of Altimarlach.

What other events would people like to see listed?
All I need to put them in the calendar so they'll show up
on the web page is:

name of event

Here are some examples:

1746, 16 April
Prince Charles Edward defeated at Culloden

Earl Henry
1379, 2 August
King Haakon VI of Norway installs
Henry Sinclair as Earl of Orkney.

While it would be good to get more dates in July and August, since
those are the ones coming up the quickest, any event in any month
and any year is fine.  Just send them to me.  Or, if you think
they would be interesting for discussion, send them to the list.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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