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The Sinclairsof Normandy

As your correspondent, Sinclair, is currently doing the rounds of Normandy,
I thought it might be of passing interest
to remind your readers and contributors that, even after their arrival in
Scotland, the Sinclairs would return to France
to marry into the 'bloodline'.  For example, we find Richilde, the daughter
of William 'the Seemly' St Clair returning to
France to marry her cousin, Robert I, of Chaumont.

Later, we find Prince Henry's son, John (otherwise known as Jean de Saint
Clair) returning to France where he became
the Seigneur de Tilleul-Othon et de Champmoxeux.  His son, also Jean de
Saint Clair, married Michelle du Val, a French
family known in the Bernay area since the XIth Century.  They had fees at
Saint Aubin and at Saint Clair D'Arcy (a place
recently visited by Sinclair - hence this e-mail).  Michelle, on her
marriage to Jean de Saint Clair, brought him the la Mare
aux Oues fee at Saint Aubin le Guichard.  Once more we find families being
'inextricably interwoven', because, like the
Sinclairs, the du Val family had two links with the de Councy's through the
Pigace and the Maheil.

The fact that the Sinclairs (St Clairs) could marry into such illustrious
families places them among the foremost  European
families.  Indeed, as a Professor from Moscow State University, concluded
the Sinclairs were one of the two most important]
families in Europe.  That conclusion (coming at a time when Russia was
still a Communist State) could not have come from
a more independent or disinterested source.

Niven Sinclair

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