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Re: Plantations

SINCLAIR ---you wrote -

 The word Plantation in England to this day is used to denote culitvated
areas.  Manorial titles as opposed to nobel are still valid although
copyhold was abolished. Manorial titles give rights over land or usages such
as "the right to hold a fair on a certain day or the right of wreck2 etc

Thank you for the insight on the current usage of " Plantation ". I am 
continually amazed at the more rapid change in the "" English "" of the USA  
vs. that of England . I think we here ( USA ) have lost something with the 
evolution ??

Plantation has vanished from current USA usage except to describe the anti 
-bellum ( pre american civil war ) slave -holding " plantations " that remain 
from that period .

Again , thanks for the insight .

Joe Greigg 
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