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Fw: mercenaire

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Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 9:27 AM
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> Hi boss
> a cou[le of points 1. Scots via the frankish connection hired german
> who invented th swei hannder sword as you know two handed sword to break
> suisse mercenaries pike defence such was its popularity  it was quick
> by the small slightly built  peace loving  red headed folk of high lands.
> 2 . St Clair D'arcy  possible connection with the defence of Mont sT
> with the knights with the Names "Bastard" and possibly the name St Clair
> being bestowed as a reward  with areas of land thus accounting for the
> number of towns with the name St Clair in them
> 3water for the gent in the us when where and how much. all the best TONE