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Re: 3td archbishop of Normandy

In a message dated 99-06-30 12:13:40 EDT, you write:

<< Wouldn't an Archbishop have a larger territory with
 bishops at sublevels.  Perhaps the Archbishop's headquarters was at Rouen,
 the largest city of Normandy but in reality he was the Archbishop of all of
 Normandy???????? >>

Laurel --

Remember that the Archbishop in those days was a very powerful position-- he 
probably was co-located with a  cathedral vs. a church  and may have had an 
assistant bishop ???

 Today , bishops have bishops as assistants but I am unaware if that was as 
common then as it is  today ??   Probably not .

Also , as I recall ,a younger son of a noble  usually held those positions . 
I think you may also find estates , towns , etc, which were a part of the 
Archbishops " fief " ?

These Ecclesiastics also held their own courts , separate and apart from the 
" civil " courts .

This sounds like a very interesting research project for one of our " list " 
members -- wouldn't you agree ??

Incidentally , a number of years ago , I was the guest of the French 
Government for several weeks and was flown / driven throughout the country . 
At that time , I was unaware of the / my Sinclair heritage but I can still 
remember the beauty and the antiquity of Rouen . 

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