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Hi sinny

Think of you a lot and try to hook in with you as much as possible.

Lots have happened over the last few weeks.  Moms show on Saturday night, again, was a huge success. 150 attendances and the performance went really well.  You will see Mom sing at some stage as we videoed the performance for promotional videos to send around to conference managers and the like.  

I have bought a 1994 Ford Laser XL, 5 door hatch, 1300cc - cheap petrol!! X-rental vehicle!  Real good car.  And this is my second week with it and I have finally gotten over my fears.  I drove to Rotorua and a little shaky but not for much longer.  I think I ripped the guy off - $5400, nothing wrong with it - been done over by 3 mechanics and they cannot fault - they want it.  The colour is 'wild jade' greeny cool!  Nana and Poppa paid for it!  No strings attached they said.  They said that I could do whatever with the money but if it a car I need to keep my job then thats cool too.

I am moving (again).  My flatmate is hopeless with the bills and as they are in my name I am responsible so before this debt gets any bigger I am outta there.  I have decided to get me own pad again.  Yes a little more expensive - one brm, phone own, power, worth it and but I may have more income soon. . . but at least it is me and only me responsible.  I have heaps of stuff for a home so that will not be a prob.  My income - either weekend work for the uni or singing at weddings.  Yes on Saturday, mom had a band play inbetween dinner and the show which had two halves and one of the band member from Htown wants a female vocalist for 80's songs for weddings, 21sts or whatever.  So he said I would be cool to have as he heard that I could sing from Mom and people.  Performers/singer do well money wise too, so I thought yes this would be fun and a cool hobby so this is going to be arranged or started this week 

Worked late last night as I was minding the Diploma class who are learning their computer access until 9pm.  I have decided (as my boss wanted me to) defer my study until A semester 2000 and I thought at least I will be totally ready for study and peace of mind that I am fully recovered.  I mean I have come a long way in 6 months re my brain etc, so whats another 6 months.  More time to concentrate on Moms music and my painting.  I may even do 2 papers instead of one and catch up!!  tell you what the mean buttlicking not saying it is in my contract to study and sod you!!

Dollimore me lawyer has a date for the defended hearing for 20 August.  

geez it is nearly one year since the crash - where has this year gone.  I have been listening to Music Choice R&B hits under urban on the web events radio and it is very similar to mai FM - Auckland except does the classic oldies and not too much hiphop - borderline hiphop though when it could go either r&B or hiphop.  It is now the favourite over KMEL or maybe it is just different . . .

work here is falling apart all of our Programme Coordinators are leaving and Debbie the programme manager is going as she is hapu!  No one is happy and is really stressed here.  I am ok and happy though - i will see how it goes - heaps of work for the students we seem to pay 3 students and have them in a day at a time.  Kate is earning 20+ hours per week

Hows Wellington life and uni doing?  Any news?  Anne Hall was at the show on Sat night and said her and Allan caught up with Bruce.  She said still the same still after the free feeds.  He is not practising law and is looking for a job that will pay for him to be admitted to the bar.

What else - mum ok, peter moves in on 9th July, me moving, working  and looking towards getting this court out of the way.

You scribe one of the best of emails I ever receive - it is a marathon to catch up on the emails.  Done now.  Love you - talk to you later!