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Wild guesses

Greetings Sinclairs,

I am doing a comprehensive evaluation of the Sinclair Arms (cock and
engrailed shield) and Henry Sinclairs' Arms (shamir and shield) and Seals. I
would appreciate any facts, insights, wild guesses and intuitive brainstorms
that anyone might have regarding the meaning of the several elements, or
anything related to the Arms, Seals. You might reply to me directly rather
than the whole list ...up to you.

I already have a fairly good idea about it all but would honestly like Clan
input if any. This is not a commercial venture, I'm doing it for my own
information and for any who have a personal interest. My specialty is sacred
geometry applied in temple design, earth grids, et al. This mixes with
archetypal symbolism. My focus for these past several years has been Clan
Sinclair and now the Clans' Arms and other relevant symbols. As with the
Zeno Narrative Chart I view the Arms as "schematics of consciousness", that
is, geometric design combined with archetypes is another means of describing
subjective energy and consciousness aspects with more precision. As a
retired Navy officer I feel most comfortable where I can find meaning and
application pulled out of a melange of fog and strange innuendo ...for my
sins, being a government employee I suppose.

I expect that the concept is unusual to most. One example is found in
Henrys' Arms; an "earth grid" or geometry is described from the Shamir's eye
to the Shield's top-center, along the shield axis to the NW (Thurso to Mt.
Lothian Chapel ruin, to Fortingall). If this is correct, then what statement
is being made about the grid's function? The code would be found in the
meaning of the shield's geometry and "engrailed" cross as well as the
Shamir. Whatever that is. This same geometry is also found in the Rosslyn
Chapel and other sites of interest. Thus if one situation can be decoded
then the lessons might be extended into other linked events. Its like
working in the interpretation of scripture and myths and being able to apply
the bottom line physically.

Realizing the very loose approach needed, combined with a certain precision,
I hope that any prospective contributors will be encouraged to just let fly
with a few wild guesses re possible meanings. I have found that people are
pretty much tuned in intuitively and that patterns develop where people can
have fun in the doing. Sinclairs can loosen up, right? I'm just as
interested in what the Cock, Engrailed Cross, Shamir/dragon/serpent/orm mean
to you personally as well any wider clan meanings you care to speculate on.
Historical facts are gratefully accepted also.

(Note: I already have Andrew's THE SWORD AND THE GRAIL shamir references but
would welcome any elaboration anyone wishes to make.)

Blessings Be...
William Buehler
(Colorado, USA)

"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."  ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness. (Hawaii State Motto)

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