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Re: Wild guesses

Dear Mr Buehler:  From my perspecfives formed out of military service, years
of studying  Sinclair history, and some time on the farm, I have these
The Cock - vigilance with an Attitude
The Cross - symbolic of religious belief, especially  of the sort that takes
a man hundreds of miles from home, with sword and shield and a good steed.
It helps to believe in something that rises above your circumstances, but
not above your imagination.  The "engrailment" suggests the specific nature
or name of your goal,
within the symbol of a cross.
A Ship or ships on the shield - Symbolic of the strong orientation to the
sea - almost a must for any old-time island people.  Samoan and Hawaiian art
and lore from before the time of Henry included representations of sea-going
vessels and such are still considered symbols of great power in the
Polynesian culture.

Ray Lower
Folsom,  California

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