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Re: Blow the Trumpet loudly.

Flanders  and Picardy were never part of the Norman domain they were
Burgandian, Hapsburg and Frankish where would William get Flemish troops?

Douglas is a well known name the Black Douglases in 1449 and his band of
tratiors stain the pages of Scots history the King James II had to almost
elimate them to regain the Kingdom. James Douglas the Earl of Morton wared
aginst the crown until 1572 in civil war.  King James V in his minority  was
held under duress by Archibald Douglas. They are many other instances of the
pages of history being smeared with Douglas treachery.

Sinclair stood with William, David, Malcom, Alexander the Bruce and in
Dunbar for King and country  against Cromwell. After the Act of Union we
were loyal to our King. Archibald, first Viscount Thurso, was George VI
Minster of Air in WWII.

No page of history speaks of Sinclair as traitors.

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