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Re: Blowing the Sinclair Trumpet.

John Duguid,

I think you make an excellent point here.  Some of the things being done to
solve this problem are being done by members of this list.

I know you are aware of the work being done on the various Sinclair Castles
and the Chapel.  The education of others with regards to the Henry Sinclair
expedition is another example.  In the US, there is an active move on for
new members to the Clan Sinclair Association so we can enlighten our own as
to the exploits of the Sinclair Clan.

The unfortunate part of the problem, in my humble opinion, is that we have
too many people going in too many directions rather than concentrating on a
particular area and refining it.  This leads to a great deal of confusion
and also will cause people to "tune out" on the message.   All those I speak
of are very well intentioned and most are more knowledgeable than I.  There
is a distinct need for some organization of thoughts so the true Sinclair
story can be presented to the world.

As you are aware, it will take a long time to change the history currently
taught.  As Clan Sinclair members, we need to educate ourselves first so we
may pass along correct information to others.  Correct information passed on
a little at a time is more important than a great deal of misinformation
passed on hastily.

As always, I enjoyed your thought provoking post and hope others understand
your intentions.

Yours Aye,

Gary M. Sinclair

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