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Blowing the Sinclair Trumpet.

Douglass Name

> In Gaelic, dubh means black, and glas means grey. These are the main > shades
used in the tartan.  The earliest recorded Douglas seems to be > William of
Douglas, whose name appears as a witness to charters between > 1175 and 1211
around Lanarkshire, but from whom he was descended is > unknown. John =========
>Maybe we could have a list of the titles and descriptions of their use.  If
others were added through the years that could be indicated.  Much of what you
have said John would explain this so well for everyone.Laurel

I was always taught that the name Douglass came from Dark Foreigner. dubh
meaning dark as you correctly state, but glass being a derivative of
Galles/Galician/Walles/Vlach etc etc which generally means stanger/foreigner.

Here's another question, and I do hope that this is not too contentious as I
have no axe to grind against Sinclairs (not being one myself)but having an
interest in all Scottish history.  

Do the Sinclairs blow there trumpet load enough? What I'm trying to say here is
that many of the discussions on the list refer to the Sinclair connections to
nobility, famous exploits with William the conquerer, "The Lordly line of High
Sinclair", Prince Henry etc etc etc. But I'd wager that if you asked any  Scot
(I am Scottish) to name famous Scottish families they'd give you MacDonald,
Douglass, Grant, Campbell, Hamilton, Seton, McNeil etc long before before they
mention Sinclair. In fact I tried this in the office the other day (full of
Scots ) and got the results  much as stated. 

Again I am not trying to belittle Sinclair acheivements or to upset anyone on
the list, all I'm doing here is asking do the Sinclairs promote there history
well enough outside the clan?

John Duguid
Dunbar Scotland

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