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John and others,
    So glad to see these items added:

D'Elayne Coleman has sent some information out the
Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America and
a picture of the monument to Prince Henry that that
society erected on his landing site in 1996.
I'm going to resubscribe to their newsletter, and I
think everyone else should, too.

Since the battle of Val-es-Dunes seems to be popular these days,
it now has its own web page.
We stayed at the home of Neil St. Clair in Lower Economy, NS last Sept.  He
is Treas. of the Sinclairs of NA.  Had a wonderful time.  They seem to be
tuned in to efforts to put signs up marking the Glooscap trail near Cape
d'or where Prince Henry spent the winter of 1398-99.  He also placed Elaine
Fowler's curriculum in the Advocate Harbor School plus spoke to 4 classes
about Prince Henry while we were there.  I think also they were part of
other activities in that area of NS.  They over East of Guysborough they put
an informational marker about Prince Henry entering the great Chedabucto Bay
on June 2 1398.  It is a pleasant overlook with picnic benches.
    From there we were taken by one of their members, Jamie (hope I spelled
it correctly this time) Grant in his truck up to the top of Salmon Hill
which is described in Frederick Pohls book as the place from which Henry and
his men view the smoke rising in the distance.   PEOPLE.  You just have to
read this book!!!!
I had bought the book from Neil and was reading it to Don as we drove to
this place.  All of these events were such huge coincidences that we should
just HAPPEN to meet Jaime as we did.
    What has happened at the Boylston Park?  It had a chain across the
entrance in Sept.  That shouldn't stop people.  You should make the climb to
the top if the chain is still there.  I don't think they will arrest you???
The walk will be good for you.  This gives another view of the vast bay.
This actually shows a significant part of the bay described in the Pohl
book. By going to these places and also over to Stellerton you will actually
be seeing the places described by Zeno, Henry's navigator 601 years ago.  It
will take your breath away and raise the goose bumps!!!

I think that my bookcase is to my books as my washing machine is to my
socks.  Where do these books vanish to?   I have solved the sock problem.
There is now a cup with safety pins on the dresser.  When we take off our
socks we pin them together at the toes.  No, not just little bits of fabric
but good hunks so they don't tear.  Doesn't hurt them a bit and thus they
never get lost and now it is easy to match the 10 brands of brown socks of
Don's. ...It gives me such peace.   Learned that from a blind lady.

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