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Re: Massachucetts Port of Call

juli, it's pat, i can't help you with your questions(i have trouble getting 
around new jersey)  but i wanted you to know i got the copy of the 1851 
census and the 2 death certs.  thank you so much, you are a peach.  hope all 
is well at home, just came from my surgeon's and everything looks good, don't 
have to see him until sept.  had a busy day, had to travel from 
haddonfield(dr.'s) to south plainfield (home of the fiddler in our band) to 
tinton falls(home of the banjo player) my fault,  i have a set to do this 
sat. and i waited until the last minute.  since we all live so far awfrom 
each other we make tapes of the songs we want to do, so everyone can play 
with the tapes.  i could have mailed them but because i took so long getting 
it together i had to drop them off. i'm going to sleep now, good luck on your 
search.  pat
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