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Massachucetts Port of Call

Hi all -

I have a Alexander "Sandy" Sinclair that I would like to find more
information about - for a specific time in his life.  Sandy shows up on the
1891 census for Dunoon, Argyll and is a Letter Carrier (which in itself is
interesting - he was a medical attendant at "The Barony Lunatic Asylum" in
1881).  Shortly thereafter Sandy leaves Scotland for America.  We do not
know why or when exactly.

The next we hear of Sandy he is getting married in Fall River, Mass in
November 1893 to Christina Smith King (b. 1863 Fife, SCT).  At some point he
moves or goes to Buffalo, New York as his second child (daughter Bessie?) is
born there in 1896.  His first child was also a daughter named Mary and
rumor has it was also born in Buffalo.

In 1898 Sandy's father John Sinclair died in Dunoon.  Sandy signed the death
certificate as informant (present at death) and also purchased the lair.
Family rumor has it that Sandy returned to Scotland to take over the
lemonade factory after his father's death.  The factory, according to John's
obit closed in 1897.  Pretty comfortable with the fact that Sandy was
already in Scotland when his father died.

My question is - how do pin point possible passenger lists to review?  I
understand that New York as a port of call is not indexed in the 1890s.
Isn't Fall River a port itself?   Is it possible or likely that I will be
able to trace Sandy back to Scotland?

Also - how do I go about getting records for Sandy's marriage and children's
births here in the US?   Can find my way around Scottish records but haven't
a clue here.  Help please.



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