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something to contemplate

    Here is an idea I am tossing out.  Don't reject it immediately.  Think
about how words get misunderstood and how data gets twisted especially after
nearly 2000 years.

Here's another idea that might clear up some misunderstandings about who was
with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.

"WITH"  is the key word.  It can have two opposite meanings.
One can say I fought with the British in WWII.   That means along side of.
One can say I fought with my sister.   That means against.
Usually when we say fighting against we are doing it with friends, relatives
or neighbors.
I found a statement last night that said William the Seemly fought WITH
King William in Scotland.  Well, we know they were enemies by then but were
still relatives so when it has said that he fought WITH William the
Conqueror at Hastings, it could well mean he was fighting against him his
Well.....it's worth thinking about at least.

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