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Re: Earls of Caithness


>Would it be possible to post the path of the Earldom on your site.

As I've mentioned, what I have has been in the web pages since November 1997.
Select the small chart in the middle of the front page,

That will lead you to

Then select one of the small images to see a piece of the chart.

>We could all add to it, and possibly include some biographical data.
>  What do you think?

I think it's a fine idea.  If people send material, I can put it in
the web pages.

Beyond what is already in the above web pages, I have little to add,
since what is in there is from information that Pete Cummings provided
and that I typed in to make GEDCOM (with some details from the Pohl
book) and then used to draw charts.  I've now added to the web page a
text version of what's in those charts.  I don't have any further

If somebody has better GEDCOM I can draw more charts from it.
As mentioned, I will put material people send into web pages.
Details about particular people will drop right into the existing
series of people web pages; some of them are already there.

Someone else needs to take on the core work on this project
of collecting the data, getting it into GEDCOM, etc.

Perhaps Brad has found a Clan Sinclair U.S.A. genealogist.

If not, maybe you want to take on this project.

Given that Niven has said he has done most of the research already,
this task may not be all that hard.  Who will take it on?


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