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Re: The Sinclair lineage

Again, Nine, beautifully written.  Your writing has indeed touched a responsive chord again. Symbolism is something that I hold very dearly and enjoy thoroughly.  This is another reason I want to see Roslyn.  I hold your view about history,  and reality for that matter.  If history isn't true,  then how can man have a true sense of reality at the present?  We have to follow our feelings and intuition to seek the truth,  and seek out those with a like mind that can help us. We are doing so many things wrongly, from our technology, to entire culture.  Especially our education.
On an aside note,  I presently have a young Scot (24 years old)  staying with us.  He is from the Glasgow region and plays with a British soccer  team. He is here to teach our children how to play the game better. He will be with us for 4 days. I hope to learn much from him.  I am currently on vacation,  but I still go in to work for meetings and business.  I am currently working with a man from Yorkshire who inspects large power plants ( I manage a large power plant).  My utility is associated with Northern Electric in Yorkshire.  We are subsidiaries of a large global utility. So, I am learning as much as I can about Scotland and England this week while I have the opportunity.
I thoroughly enjoy the Sinclair mailing list.  Sometimes when I am busy,  I cannot view the mail as often as I prefer.  Yesterday I had 85 messages to view.  I scan them carefully,  if I don't,  I may miss wonderful messages such as yours.  But then,  I watch for your name and several others very carefully. 
I am very interested in the esoteric, as I feel I have a special appreciation and understanding of various aspects.  I am very interested in the Templars,   Scottish Rite etc..   We do not have very active Templar of Scottish Rite groups near us,  and I am not a member myself  largely due to that.  I would be interested in joining such a group if circumstances made it easier.  I depend on infrequent discussions and literature.  This web site is helping me greatly in that respect as well as with geneology.      
Dear Paul,

It is good to know I've been able to touch a chord with you; that we are on the same wavelength. Words
are only pale shadows of the things they represent and this is particularly the case whenever one has
to delve into the spiritual dimension of Man or in trying to explain the esoteric; the symbolism of heraldry
or the meaning of the myriad of carvings within Rosslyn Chapel.  These things can be felt rather than

At a time when books could be banned or burned Earl William Sinclair wanted to leave a message for
posterity.  He had this chiselled out in stone in Rosslyn Chapel.  We have still to find the key - the Rosetta
stone - which will allow us to decipher the symbolism which appears on each side of the hundreds of cusps
or cubes which hang  from the underside of the various arches.  Experts cracked the runes of the Vikings, the
ogham of the Celts, the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians.  It is to be hoped that someone will realise the importance
of the symbolism of Rosslyn and address the need for its 'interpretation' with due urgency.  Alas, at the moment,
there is no interest being shown.  I am reminded of the following lines:

The notice reads:
"Do not pluck these blossoms"
But it is useless
Against a wind that cannot read.

For 'wind' read 'academics' because, with a few notable exceptions, they would rather live in everlasting ignorance
than face the prospect of having to change a single line of their stereotyped teaching.

At Rosslyn, I unearthed the oldest known 'floor' in Midlothian.  I was ordered to cover it up again although I had only
'scratched the surface'  of what could have been a major find going back to Roman times. 

The official line seems to be:
"On no account must history be re-written".  Children are still being taught (in Scottish schools, as elsewhere) that
"Christopher Columbus discovered America" although he never set foot on the Continent of North America;
never claimed to have done so because he went to his grave still believing that he had reached the Indies - hence we
call a place the West Indies which has nothing to do with the Indies and we call people "Indians" who are NOT Indians.

Similarily, we are told that Speke (1827-1864) 'discovered' the source of the Nile although Ptolemy (A.D. 90 - 168) had
already drawn a map showing the Nile rising from two lakes in Central Africa.  A book in my possession (published in
1990) still tells us that Speke 'discovered' the source of the Nile.  I know differently.  I, too, have travelled the whole length
of the River Nile but, before doing so, I researched its history - factual and mythological.

One could go on and on about the regurgitation of historical untruths long after these untruths have been laid to
rest in the light of 'so-called fresh discoveries' which, on examination, have been known for countless centuries.

All this may seem to be something of a digression.  My aim is to demonstarte that we often hold (however inadvertently)
preconceived ideas about ourselves and about our history.  Ameriacn history did not begin with the Declaration of
Independence or even with the Pilgrim Fathers.  The cultural diffusiuon between the old World and the new has been
going on for thousands of years just as the history of the Sinclairs goes back thousands of years i.e. long before we
'assumed' the name of St Clair.  In writing to King John of Denmark, Henry, Lord Sinclair wrote on the 12th July,1507
"...even in relation to the Earldom of Orkney and Hietland (Shetland) which lands for certain service to be done to the
kings of Norway were alienated heritably to my progenitors even before the birth of Christ"

Elsewhere we are told: "No family in Europe beneath the rank of royalty boasts a higher antiquity, a nobler illustration
or a more romantic interest than that of St Clair"

And from "The St Clairs of England" we read: "The hill of Danbury, Essex , by the Thames, beneath London, is a landmark
and a tower to this lineage, as it has been for ages to the World's greatest city, and its chapel will always stand fixed to
memory as something notable that has been".

It goes on: "All that was highest in marriage, lands and office they had in England for nearly a Century after the Conquest,
and the glow of their fame  and their physical and intellectual powers  kept them high for centuries afterwards in a way
rare to any one particular lineage".

All of this may seem to be a bit over the top but when one finds a Professor at the Moscow State University stating that
the Sinclairs were one of the two most important families in Europe you have a truly objective opinion from a truly independent
source untainted by the need to butter anyone up!

In reply to your query about my visit to the United States: that will be centred on Massachusetts.

Niven Sinclair

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