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Re: Sunday June 13th.

At 01:37 13/06/99 +1000, you wrote:
Greetings Niven,
                       I am wondering if you may have an e-mail address for anyone in the Scottish Clan Sinclair Society. I have sent two e-mail to their editor, David Sinclair, but have not had a reply. I am trying to find information on the parents and two sons of my great great grandfather, Lieutenant Archibald Sinclair, 79th Regiment Cameron Highlanders, born Oban 5/1/1775, died 8/8/1837, buried Kilmelfort cemetery. I have a detailed war diary of his. I am also trying to find details of Sir Archibald Sinclair, who was in Churchill's cabinet during the last war. I believe he was Secretary for Air or a similar position. I would be most grateful if you could be of assistance.
With best wishes,
John Sinclair McIntyre.
Dear John,

I have very little information on the Argyllshire Sinclairs but you would be able to trace Lieutenant Archibald Sinclair
through the Regimental Records of the Cameron Highlanders.  I will try to get you the necessary address and I'll
forward this to you.  As you will appreciate, there has been a lot of amalgamations with the Scottish Regiments.
I think the Argylls are the only ones to have escaped.  I was a Seaforth myself.  We shared the barracks at Fort
George with the Camerons.

I'm on sounder footing with your next query.  Sir Archibald Sinclair was indeed the Minister of Air in the Churchill
Government.  After the war, he was created the 1st Viscount Thurso of Ubster.  He was a great friend of my great
uncle, John Henderson Sinclair*  (my grandfather's brother) just as I was a friend of the late Robin Sinclair, the 2nd
Viscount Sinclair and now of his son, John Sinclair, the 3rd Viscount Thurso of Ulbster.

The Ulbster Branch of the Sinclair family is descended from William Sinclair, the first Laird of Mey (where the
Queen Mother now lives when she is in Scotland) who was the second son of George Sinclair II, the 42nd Earl of

Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster founded the Department of Agriculture when he was a Minister in the Government of
William Pitt, the Younger.  He was a great agriculturalist and carried out a copious correspondence with Washington
and other Heads of State.  I have two books containing (a) his letters to Washington and (b) to the other Heads of State.             He also carried out the first statistical study of Scotland  - a man of amazing energy and brilliance.

* Robin Sinclair's godfather was Winston Churchill.

I hope the foregoing is of some help to you.

One of my own Australian relatives (of whom I have a great many) may be able to help you.  I have taken the liberty
of copying this e-mail to them so that they can get in touch with you if they can link in with the McIntyres.

Niven Sinclair

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