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Re: General Arthur St Clair's daughter Louisa

Dear Niven,

In your email about the General's children you did not mention Arthur St.
Clair Jr. He married Frances Stahl and had numerous children.  Arthur Jr.
was the 1st Attorney General of what is now Cinncinnati, OH.  Cinncinnati
was named by Gen. St. Clair for the Order of the Cinncinnati, an
organization formed by Gen. George Washington and a few of his buddies after
the American Revolution.  Of which the membership had been held by the male
descendants of Arthur St. Clair Jr. for 5 generations.  Arthur Jr.'s
grandson, William St. Clair was a prominant minister of the
Methodist/Episcopal faith in the mid 1800s and then he became a prominant
Doctor in the state of Illinois where he resided in Effingham,IL.  His son,
Charles St. Clair was also a prominant physician in Colorado and was one of
the first graduates of the Colorado University of Medicine.  (He was my
great-grandfather).  If you would like further information on this line
please feel free to contact me at mlb61@gateway.net.


Michelle L. Brown
Littleton, Colorado

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